Model 20
capacity 600pcs/h
power 2kw
Weight 98kg
thickness 1-3mm
Diameter(max) 230mm



The automatic roti pancake machine is a machine that makes kneaded dough into a pie-like cooked food in a few seconds. This machine is also called a three-step pancake press machine, just requires only three steps. Put the dough, start switch, at last take the pancake. Simple operation, fast, high efficiency and widely used.


  • A pancake maker is a machine that uses electric heating to produce heat pancakes;
  • Moulded production in structure, with the function of baking food on both sides of the upper and lower thallans;
  • The heating part just adopts a large-area completely enclosed form with high thermal efficiency;
  • In the aspect of temperature control, a fully digital temperature controller is adopted, and all the original devices are connected by plugs and interchangeable;
  • Food types produced by spring cake machine: noodle food, oil and salt cake, shortcake, pancake, thousand-layer cake, etc.;
  • The machine uses the iron body, and the iron released during the baking process is beneficial to human health.

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