Power 2.75KW
Dough weight 6g-600g(Customizable)
Capacity 200KG/H
Machine Dimensions71*51*92CM
Packing Size 113*54*78CM
Machine Weight 80kg
Package Weight 125kg



The Automatic Round Dough Ball Making Machine can divide the whole dough into a number of small dough when the dough is kneaded. We often need make dough ball when we preparing the wheaten food.
This machine is a dough dividing machine. It is suitable for flour, additives and other food raw materials to divide the dough into balls with water. It can make dough with good shape such as traditional pizza, steamed stuffed bun, dumpling, baked cake and bread with accurate measurement.
It is widely used in restaurants, school canteens, breakfast shops, bakery, steamed bread processing units and other places.
The machine uses food grade stainless steel, strong and durable.
Dough size and weight can be adjusted by the machine, automatic operation, easy to operate.
Processed dough the same size, smooth shape, good effect.
The machine transmission efficiency, compact structure, the quantitative part of the mechanical clutch mechanism, safe, reliable and easy maintenance. The production has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, and can be used to make a large amount of dough balls in a short time. It is the automatic production that can save manpower and time for people.


  • The Industrial bakery equipment machine is designed reasonably and compactly, with uniform and complete segmentation.
  • It is suitable for cutting and shaping all kinds of bread cakes and other dough.
  • There are many kinds of molds can be chossen.

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