Capacity 9—10KG/H
Size :1.5*0.6*1.2m
Voltage :380v
Weight :100KG
The thickness of the pie : 0.4—2.5mm
The diameter of the pie : 18—30cm



This machine is a variety of fabrics through the motor uniform speed to drive the surface extrusion device, uniform output. The cylindrical rod stock is then cut and formed by the knife mechanism. After the on. Lower pressure plate, pre-press molding, enter on. Lower the baking pan and then enter the air to cool and sprinkle the powder. This machine is equipped with a flour feeding mechanism, through the operation of the motor and brush, so that the flour is evenly sprinkled on the cake, which has a preventive adhesion effect on the viscous product. The lower vias adjust the size of the powder volume to meet the appropriate requirements.Suitable for Schools, wholesale markets, chain hotels, factories.


  • Into one side, one continuous cake, no manual intervention, constant temperature grilling, uniform fire.
    The machine mechanical and electrical integration adjustment system, low noise, high efficiency, simple operation, one can operate, save time and effort.
  • The whole structure is exquisite, enter the system work smoothly, not easy to occur shortcomings, folding an loading more convenient cleaning.
  • Taste,diameter(10-350cm),thin thickness(0.3-1mm),fire color, speed can be adjusted.
  • The shape of the round cake made by traditional handwork is more regular, the color is more pure, the taste even more powerful, and it can be stored at low temperature.
  • Imitation hand-made bread cake, absolutely pure natural green food, without any additives.
  • The machine can be produced: round roast, round single cake,duck cake, Mexican burritos.

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